Local VTOs & Prime Minds

(System, People & Procedure)


What does VTO mean?

As a concept, is an alternative way of collaborating, in a combination of interactive platform applications and individual services, with prompt response, competeness and flexibility, in a wide geographic area.

As a functional part, the VTO is the basic gear of MHH organization’s mechanism in terms of managing and providing engineering services, both in the field of design and study and in support of construction, either in the organization’s internal processes or in external projects.


What exactly VTO does?

As an application is an interactive and multifunctional technical office, which operates online international or/and locally. It can provide services at an individual or corporate level. In detail:

  • Identification, Analysis, Evaluation and Management of a Project.
  • Evaluating and Managing Human Resources and Equipment.
  • Measuring, Calculating and Costing Tasks and Quantities.
  • Bidding & Bill Certification Processes.
  • Technical Legislation and Claims Management
  • Management and Support of Design and Construction.
  • Provision of individual expertized engineering services.
  • Recruitment in a project or company, creation of working groups or cooperatives.


How is developed & running?

Divided into different segments by geographic area or country and by expertise. It consists of the Local VTOs and the Expert’s Pools, which include accredited and specialized engineers and professionals in all fields and levels that operate directly or indirectly, locally or interactively.

The central VTO operation as well as the coordination and communication between the departments and professionals are organized and achieved through the appropriate use of the MHH platform’s applications (Groups, Projects, Forums, Find Project Mind).


What is a Local VTO?

They are the linked interactive technical offices that their members associate with their language of communication, nationality or place of activity.

  • VTO Int (International / All Countries, Language English)
  • VTO Gre (Greece, Cyprus & South Balkans, Language Hellenic)
  • VTO Rom (Romania & East Balkans, Language Romanian)
  • VTO Srb (Serbia & West Balkans, Language Serbian)

It consists of the VTO Desks which provide expertized services according the demands of the organisation or the requirement of a project.


What is an Expert’s Pool (XPs)?

They are the groups of professionals who are characterized and linked by their specialty, subject or field of activity:

  • Surveying & Geodesy (TOPO)
  • Civil & Architectural (CAD)
  • Mechanical & Electrical (MEP)
  • Geology & Chemical (ENV)
  • Legal & Financial (LEFA)
  • Admin & Operation (ADOP)


What is a VTO’s Prime Mind or Expert Mind ?

The VTO’s central mechanism consists, is activated and operated exclusively by accredited members perfoming as executives and external partners, the Prime Minds, which, depending on their response and availability, can be distinguished as On line or On demand.

On Line (Prime Minds) are in direct contact with the  central or local VTO, acting as Permanent prompt response staff and offering services to both the organization’s internal processes and external projects.

They can also provide on-line advice or help on tasks that can be performed interactively.

On Demand (Expert Minds) are the Accredited Members of Experts Pools (XPs), in direct contact with the central or local VTO but acting as Available prompt response staff and offer services mainly when there is a need or demand.

They have the same capabilities and rights as On Line, but not the same priority.


Why I should be a Prime Mind?

Prime Minds have not only the ability but above all the priority (compared to the other members of Expert’s Pools) to provide personalized services directly to customers or to participate actively in projects and collaborations. They could be classified as the first line of fire!

As fully accredited members and official associates, their profile typically and substantially gains more credibility, dynamism and prospectity, making it the first choice for any collaboration for both MHH and Partners as well as potential external employers or customers.


How and What do I gain?

Directly (Immediate), when providing services to projects in progress or offered directly to customers.
The transaction is subject to a relative agreement and refers to a currency depending on the country and the type of transaction.

Indirectly (Investment), when the provision of services relates to prospective projects or to processes of the organization or community.
The transaction is subject to an agreement and relates to Mind Points and their future redemption depending on the value and cost-effectiveness of the job.


How I could be a Prime Mind?

3 Requirements:

  • Must be a fully accredited member
  • Have Reliability and Quality of Services
  • To respond Fast and Responsibly

1 single step:

Apply to VTO for Prime Mind (Request for Member)



  • Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement
  • NonCompetitiveness Pact
  • Covenant of Terms & Privacy Policy
  • Standard Agreement of Prime Minds
  • Project or Services Convention / Annex


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