… or when the sky falls on our heads


Indeed, who among us, on a professional level, has not ever experienced the feeling that the sky has fallen onto his head or more specifically, something like a head beat from a sudden “dropped tile”!?

The phenomenon of being fully organized and ready to perform a task or a project and while you are sure of its completion and success, suddenly something that overturns all your plans is happening?

The experience of being far away from your headquarter and to need urgently substitutional equipment or professional help, technical support, or even a simple advice but unfortunately you don’t know the adequate person to address to or you don’t have access to appropriate and available tools for your job?

What does Sudden-tile Effect means?

The impact of any unforeseen, unlikely or insignificant fact or hazard that suddenly occurred, threatening the success of a project (Crisis) and urgently requiring a prompt solution.

As a word and concept was devised and adopted by MHH to describe the direct effect or chain reactions caused by an unexpected phenomenon, resulting in a long delay, interruption, or even cancellation of a project.

As a method and process, it concerns on alternative risk management and treat sudden crisis, defining the way they can be addressed and the means can be used, through interactive applications and capabilities provided by MHH’s web portal and bodies.

As any crisis may offer opportunities, the management of processes or results of the “Sudden-tile Effect” application and method can work to additional benefit of the project or create new prospects.


How it works as an app?

An SOS message, an emergency call, a virtual bell that alerts the online community of MHH to the urgent problem faced by one of its members.

Updating the topic is done through the community forum or bulletin board while its treatment is achieved either with the help of members or via VTO support, or by communicating internally with personal messages or by visiting the forum.

At the right side bar on your profile page press the  Groups button and you will be redirected at  the corresponding page.

Search for the STE group (MHH Sudden-Tile Effect Group).

To have usage rights for this application you must be a Verified member.

Request for member to the group. Once your request become acceptable, you will be able to use the STE app.

SOS Message

Post your SOS message to the group’s Wall or create a Topic on the internal Forum. All members of the group will be notified and can reply to your posts or topics.

Alert Community

Ask from the STE Group Admin to publish your SOS message to all MHH Members. Group Admin will urgent sent a private message to all users regarding your issue.

  • Attention: In your posts, give a brief or indicative description of the subject, using if possible keywords to help the reader readily and easily understand the issue.

Congratulations !!!

Your SOS message been successfully published and appeared automatically on both the Community forum as Urgent, as well as a message to the VTO and / or Notification to the members. Members or operators can read and reply to the message you send, either directly from the mailbox to either as an answer on the Post, referring to community forum (MHH Forums).

Visit STE Forum to manage the message you just posted. You can reply to comments or fill in new items if you wish. You can also delete it at any time, but you cannot republish it without following the Sudden-tile Effect process again (or you can also contact the Admin).

Terms and Conditions

During the process of Sudden-tile Effect application, the member in order to activate the Community Alert and “ring” the Button Bell needs 2 basic conditions:

1) To have a real serious or urgent problem with his job and,

2) To have both the right and capability for using this (ie be a verified member and also to have available Button Bell to activate or enough Mind Points to buy one).

  • In the 1st case, the importance and the urgency of the matter are determined by the member itself, of course, according to his needs. However, a repeated or useless Alarm may cause permanently community indifferent to the user or even blocked by Web Admin, especially when the purpose of using the STE App is contrary to ethics, policy or interests of MHH (eg for commercial or advertising purposes, misinformation or recruitment, etc.).
  • In the 2nd case, all verified members of the MHH and the accredited partners and associates are the right to use the STE App. The capability to use is provided only through the Button Bell (BB) which the member can activate at any time (if he has available, of course), without any other commitment or limitation, by communicating the matter to the other members directly as urgent. In the forum is listed and displayed in chronological order.

Once the user has decided to activate Community Alert and press DONE then the process becomes irreversible and the request is automatically forwarded to the respective recipients or carriers. If the user wishes to revoke the request or to interrupt the process, he may either contact the Admin or delete the relevant topic directly from the forum.

When a member decides that his matter has been settled or overcome and it makes no sense to continue be reporting on the forum then it is suggested to delete it as a Post or better to declare its completion in order to avoid further mobilization of the organization and possible incoming (unnecessary any more) messages from other members.

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