Tailor-made Project Delivery

Recognizing and understanding the uniqueness of each project as well as the diversity of individual clients allows Mind Hard Hats (MHH) to identify and create the appropriate framework for meeting the needs of each project according to the particular circumstances and requirements related to its completion.

Scope of action / services

MHH’s scope of action covers management of projects and provision of surveying & engineering services in accordance with the requirements of one of the following:

  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Design Management
  • Construction Management
  • Monitoring
  • Consultancy Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Expertise

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated services, in all sectors, on all levels and for every type and size of project, application of strategies and procedures for management and execution as well as handling of human resources and equipment are achieved through a system of predetermined internal procedures combined with the functions of MHH’s interactive platform.


Regarding engineering services, knowledge and expertise combined with experience, comprehensiveness and competence, both in design and construction, comprise the culture and ingenuity of MHH. MHH’s network development and mode of operation ensure the quality of its services and the availability of professionals in all sectors and on all levels.

Services Sections

  • Design & Implementation studies
  • Consulting & Supervision
  • Construction and Town Planning
  • Worksite Engineering & Technical Office

Scientific Fields

  • Civil & Architectural
  • Electrical & Mechanical
  • Environmental & Geotechnical
  • Web & Advanced Technology


MHH assigns great importance to this particular scientific and professional field as it is the basis for the completion of any study or project. With increasing demands for know-how, expertise, precision and responsibility, combined with the specialized transportation needs and distinct equipment, surveying is the key challenge and comparative advantage of MHH.

Services Sections

  • Design & Implementation studies
  • Monitoring and Project Support
  • Cadastral and Town Planning
  • Surveying Instruments & Equipment

Scientific Fields

  • Topography & Land Surveying
  • Photogrammetry & Aerial Mapping
  • Geographical & Geoinformatics
  • Special Geodetic Applications

Virtual Technical Office (VTO)

As a concept, VTO is an alternative way of collaborating and providing engineering services, with prompt response, competeness and flexibility, at an individual or corporate level, in a wide geographic area. It is an interactive and multifunctional technical office, which operates online international or/and locally, divided and activated into different segments by geographic area or language (Local VTOs).

As a functional part, VTO is the basic gear of MHH organization’s mechanism for providing services both in internal processes and in external projects. It is operated by the Prime Minds (on line) and accomplished by the Expert Minds (on demand), who are authorized or accredited members selected from MHH Official Experts Pools.

Why Work with us


Quality and Reliability

MHH’s organization infrastructure as well as its methods of development and operation design, arrange, control, coordinate and oversee the projects and the professionals who undertake them.

Participating individuals and companies, with years of experience and renowned success in projects and partnerships, establish the structure and operation of MHH.


Technical competeness and Expertise

Knowledge, expertise and a multi-dimensional understanding of a wide range of projects and integrated services, both in design and construction, whether on an individual or corporate level.

Extensive resources on MHH’s data base as well as accurate assessment and management of human resources and equipment, through the organization’s operating mechanism.


Availability and Flexibility

Immediate response and solutions. Appropriate information management, resource sufficiency and partners’ locality ensure responsiveness, promptness and quality of services across a wide geographic area.

Any form of cooperation, recruitment, provision of services or trading of equipment is available through MHH and partners or directly from the team of expert professionals and associates.

Applications Platform for management of assets and resources

Either as a visitor or through your personal or company profile by means of simple-to-use applications:

On demand engineering services and products

Seek and find the professionals or the equipment you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

Equipment trading and management applications (COMING SOON)

Create and organize your personal Inventory. Promote, sell, exchange or lease your equipment.

Project and human resources management applications

Organize your company, project or work group, select and manage your team members.


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