More than a professional network …

An interactive community of accredited engineers and related professionals in design and construction of projects, involving a wide range of activities, expertise and experience across all sectors and levels of services. An assessment and verification system of professional profiles is available as well as an exclusive correspondence to available projects.

Beyond a professional community …

A fellowship that supports and minds its members. Through the communication forum and platform applications users have the opportunity and ability to communicate and receive updates, to collaborate and trade equipment, to organize their personal or company profile, project and resources.


Verification / Accreditation

Members are accredited through specific verification procedures and original assessment methods. The accreditation system is supported, run and managed by Mind Locators / Validators, a network of interactive members certified in respective fields.

Accreditation by ΜΗΗ pertains solely to the verification, evaluation and updating of members’ declared details and qualifications regarding the specific fields mentioned in their profiles. Depending on the level of a member’s accreditation, the user’s privileges, rights and restrictions are clearly defined.


Recruitment / Matching

Exclusive recruitment process and method, perfectly matching people to projects. Intelligent self-assessment system reveals and highlights the best qualifications of each member, based on their personal profile, professional status, availability and responsiveness.

The matching and certification system is “easy to operate”, based on a specific combination of predefined fields (multiple choice), significant selections and restrictions, in order to maximize a person’s competence and potential according to the requirements of a particular company or a project.


Equipment / Inventory

Through their profile and using simple applications and hyperlinks for trading equipment, software or any other item, members can present what they got and the best they can do, offering their inventory independently or in conjunction with their services.

By a simple or detailed entry on Mind-Equipment app or by a reply on a corresponding topic, members are able to promote, search for, buy, sell, hire or exchange equipment, software, accessories, machinery or even buildings,  since transactions and deliveries between them become easier whether they involve individuals or companies.


Sudden-Tile Effect

… or when the sky (tile) falls on our heads!!

Something happened that overturns all your plans? An unforeseen, unlikely or insignificant fact or hazard suddenly occurred, threating the success of a project and requiring a prompt solution?

Do you need urgently substitutional equipment or professional help, technical support, or even a simple advice?

Use the virtual bell that alerts the online community and the organisation of MHH to the urgent problem faced by one of its members and find out your options, wherever you are, whatever you need.

Why Join us

Access to labor market and opportunity for cooperations

MHH’s portal offers members, through web applications and networking, the opportunity and advantage of being up to date in their profession, connecting with employers and colleagues, being accessible and available for work at any given time.

Job advertisements and demands for services offer members the possibility and the prospect of staffing a project or a company, working together or trading equipment, participating in or creating their own work team or a group of common interest.


Profile Upgrading and Accreditation

Members are able to create and organize their professional profiles, upgrade and manage their image, services or equipment and be evaluated or certified based on exclusive assessment and verification methods.

They also have the opportunity to take part in training sessions or seminars and furthermore to become interactive members of the community, functioning as key parts of the overall organization, in tasks such as Auditors, Certifiers, Trainers, Administrators or Supporters.


Information and Technical Support

Accessing MHH’s platform and relevant applications, members can be updated on interesting topics and receive advertisements through newsletters, administration’s announcements, members’ publications and references made to pertinent external links.

They can also participate in public or private forums and find opinions, helpful information and solutions related to technical issues and equipment, either directly from other members, or through MHH’s Member’s Support and Virtual Technical Office.


Join our community

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Never work alone


Need Support?

This portal comes with an extensive help file that explains how to set up every aspect of the futures that you can use, however, we’ll be happy to help you if you need technical support or have any question. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Our forums cover an extensive number of topics . You can find answers at a number of questions you may have however, we’ll be happy to help you if you need further support or have any question. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our support forum or directly.

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