Verification & Validation

(System, People & Procedure)

Mind(HH) Accreditation is a chain of processes and methods combined with an original self-assessment intelligent system that reveals and highlights the best qualifications of each member, based on their personal profile, professional status, availability and responsiveness.

It’s divided into two successive phases of simple procedures: Verification and Validation, which pertain solely to the review, evaluate and updating of members’ stated details and qualifications regarding the specific fields mentioned in their profiles.

Members following these two procedures are distinguished initially as Verified and then as Accredited members. Depending on the level of a member’s accreditation, the user’s privileges, rights and restrictions are clearly defined.

The main actors and functionaries of the accreditation system and procedures are Fellow Minders.

The verification and validation system is supported, run and managed by the Fellow Minders (Mind Locators & Mind Validators), a network of local and interactive affiliates/associates, authorized in respective fields.

They are the trusted associates of MHH that check, verify, evaluate, upgrade and support members, either locally or internationally. Along with Admins, they are the only ones who can see all of your profile information although are not able to interfere with them, without your request or permission.

They are in direct contact with the members who are connected and are essentially the representatives of MHH in terms of members (individuals or companies) but at the same time are the representatives of the members towards the MHH organisation.

  • Mind Locator is your personal adviser and supporter. It takes care of verifying and promoting your profile while it is always at your disposal for any help or advice.
    It is automatically selected by the system and is functionally associated with your profile during the verification process and always according to the communication language, the country or nationality you have chosen or declared.
  • Mind Validator is your professional profile adviser and certifier. It takes care of the assessment and validation of your profile while also evaluating how the member can work directly with the organization.
    It is automatically selected by the system and is functionally associated with your profile during the validation process and always according to the communication language and professional fields you have selected or declared.

Because as a user and a professional (whether you are a company or individual) you acquire all the rights, privileges, benefits, possibilities and prospects that MMH can offer you through its web portal and network of partners.

Furthermore your profile is getting visible in searches while simultaneously gaining credibility and becoming stronger. It also takes advantage in recruitment processes by perfectly matching your skills and personal status to the needs and requirements of the projects.

This makes you easier and more successful to provide services, to make effective partnerships or seek for the right professionals, to offer and to get help and support.

So you can start building your own professional network while having your own Mind Locator who is also your personal consultant and promoter.

Everything! You have full rights of use and access to all exclusive applications of MHH platform and also the full support of MHH organisation and community.

Αs a user you can create your own Groups and Projects, join community Forums, send invitations and personal messages, as well as to use applications such as Find Project Mind (FPM), Virtual Tools Library (VTL), Sudden-Tile Effect (STE) and Mind E-quipment.

In addition, as an accredited member, your credibility and priority are maximized, having the ability to participate actively and directly in the organization’s operations and processes as a permanent or external cooperator.

Thus, individual members may become Mind Locators and Validators, VTO supporters and Prime Minds, Project Minds and Minders, etc.

Companies can also become official suppliers, Associates or even more Partners.

Easy, with just three simple steps:

  1. Fill in at least all mandatory fields (*)  of your Profile Personal Info, following the corresponding instructions.
  2. Apply for verification: Lock Profile, Agree to the standard statement, Click Update Profile.
  3. Your request is processed. Your Mind Locator or Local Web Admin will contact you for the approval.

Once you send the request, the mandatory fields of your profile personal info are locked and remain permanently locked once the verification is approved. If you need to change any of these in the future, you should contact your personal Mind Locator (or Web Admin).

It is suggested that you fill in as many of the optional fields as possible. If everything is okay it will not take longer than 24 hours for your request to be approved. Otherwise, within this time, your local Mind Locator will contact you to resolve any problem that may has occurred.

Once your application is approved, the V icon which certifies that you are a verified member automatically appears in your profile photo. You now have full rights and you can additionally apply for validation of your profile in order to become an accredited member.

Even easier, as long as you’re already Verified, with three simple steps too:

  1. Fill in as many Educational & Professional Info fields as possible with your profile, including all mandatory fields.
  2. Apply for Accreditation: Lock Profile, Select Interview Language, Click Update Profile.
  3. Your request is processing. In the short term, the corresponding Mind Validator will contact you for a brief interview and validation of your profile.

Once you send the request, only your mandatory profile info and data remains locked while all other optional fields can be changed at any time.

It is recommended that you fill out as many of your professional profile info as possible. During the personal interview with the MV, the (non-locked) data reported at that time in the respective fields will be evaluated and recorded.

Once the process is completed and your details are validated, the * icon which certifies that you are an accredited member automatically appears in your profile photo. You now have all the privileges provided by MHI and you can apply (through your Admin or your Mind Locator) for direct collaboration with the organization.

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